Elementary Art Program

Over the course of the school year, each grade will experience a variety of art media including painting, drawing, ceramics, weaving and sculpture. Objectives for each level are focused on developing visual perception, developing the ability to use the universal arts as a means of self-expression, and developing an appreciation of the art of others. Through the program, students are involved in identifying and applying criteria in making judgments about the visual world, their work, and the art of others.

Mary Hall teaches art to 1st-12th grades at Suttons Bay Public Schools. She has enrolled the elementary school onto ArtSonia.com, a website that allows teachers, students, families and the community to view digitized images of student artwork as well as to purchase items with that artwork. ArtSonia.com is a free program, but any purchases made through the site will also help to fund our art program. To visit Artsonia.com, please click HERE.

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